2011-01-10 06:30 pm

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Firms get power to sack the slackers.

Argh. A lot of the time the people who need protection at work are people who are precariously employed - temps and people who end up working a lot of fixed term contracts. This legislation means that they are even more unlikely to reach a stage where their rights are protected.

Even if this legislation does increase employment (and AFAICT the evidence that it will is very sketchy), the costs to individuals and to society of increased job insecurity have to be taken into account.
2010-10-15 05:37 pm

Fee increase

My main worry is not that HUGE DEBT will stop students from going to university (though that is a concern). I'm worried that students will go to university to do degrees that don't actually lead to well paid jobs. £40000 in debt when you end up being a secretary or a bar manager is really pretty awful. Despite having a degree at a reasonably good university I'm doing a fairly low paid non-graduate job.
2010-09-21 06:14 pm

Something I keep wondering

Does Clegg actually believe that the coalition benefits cuts are justified, or is he just saying that he does because he wants to show cabinet unity?

I could ask the same question about various other policies.

[This is a genuine question, BTW - it's not intended to be combative - am trying hard to be less combative on-line, but am finding it hard to judge tone, so am worrying that everything I say sounds angry!]
2010-09-13 06:02 pm

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I really really hope that David Milliband doesn't become the next leader of the Labour party :/.
2010-09-07 12:36 pm

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I don't know what to think of the argument, but it's very nice to see someone so graciously admit that they were wrong.

ETA: I tend to think of myself as being good at admitting when I've been wrong about something. Do you think that you're good at admitting when you've been wrong?
2010-09-06 12:31 pm

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I think I'm going to start reading DW and using it from time to time now...

Hi everyone!
2009-05-01 07:12 pm

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*waves* Thanks for the invite code Kimbleshi!